Google celebrates 19th birthday today with Surprise Spinner Game; here’s how to play

Google celebrates 19th birthday today with Surprise Spinner Game; here’s how to play

To celebrate its 19th Birthday, Google has integrated a spinning wheel on its website.

It’s Google’s birthday today! In today’s world of technology, it is difficult to imagine a scenario without the presence of Google. Various services from the company, from search to maps, humans are getting overly dependent on them, and rightly so. But did you know that Google is just 19 years old? Now, in order to celebrate its 19th Birthday, the search giant has integrated a spinning wheel on its website. It is a simple and fun game to find out the 19 surprises that Google has launched over the past 19 years. And guess what, it includes a version of the popular classic game, Snake.

Since the last 10 years, Google has been celebrating its birthday on September 27, yet no one knows why, not even Google. The celebration date was September 26 in the year 2005 and September 7 and September 7 and September 8 in 2004 and 2003 respectively. Interestingly, celebrating its fourth birthday in the year 2002, the first Google Doodle went life also on September 27. If we go by the history of the company, there is nothing to be found which suggest the importance of these dates.



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Google was the child of Page and Brin when its idea began in twenty years ago in 1996 as a Stanford University research project. They wanted to create a search engine which could rank pages by the number of other websites have links attached to it. Earlier to that, the search engines had a crude format which ranked the sites by how many times the term appeared on pages. Google now serves more than 4.5 billion users in 160 countries speaking 123 languages worldwide.

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Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin had registered the domain of Google in the year 1997, on September 15. Google then got incorporated in the year 1998, on September 4, hence the birthday dates have no particular relevance.

In order to play the Google Birthday Surprise Game, you have to visit it’s home page. Now you will have to click on and explore all of Google’s 19 different surprises via the spinning wheel. Once you click the wheel stops and selects a random game for you. Go to the game by clicking on the screen. Have fun!

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