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Lack the will-power to exercise daily? Give up after few days? We will send you motivation everyday. Now you can read and share the motivation quotes followed by your personalized message with your near and dear ones anywhere; also share on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and Instagram. 

"Motivation is like vitamins for your willpower, we recommend one daily!"

MovieDate App is a unique concept to connect people who love watching movies and find a like minded date to enjoy a movie of common taste. Going for a movie is a good test for a like minded date! You can tell a lot about a person's mental wavelength by listening to his/her views about a movie just after watching a movie which usually takes you through different emotions and hence you can find out that you are mentally compatible with that person or not.

An awesome new way of sharing your location with anyone using auto-expiring codes and without adding friends. This app is useful for car breakdowns, skiing/trekking/hiking/cycling etc. sports, locating treasures and friends in music fests :) and many more creative uses. 

Looking for an online network to connect with App Ecosystem across the World? Looking for Freelance Developers for your App Projects? 

CV Snip will allow people to post Video CVs to Job postings. Targeted at Students and skilled professionals. It will allow people to share videos of their skills which speaks 1000 times more than their Paper CVs. People can follow renowned speakers in this space inside the app just like twitter and gain even more skills and confidence. So, now create an account, upload video, job search, do messaging and find out many more.

PIXnArte - A platform connecting artists and art galleries to art lovers!

UInterestMe is a life changing social networking App. Have you noticed that we have so many "mememe" type social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc but still loneliness is increasing in almost everyone's life.

Find your SoulMate - This App and its "guess whats moves me" Philosophy will leave you speechless. Only App on Planet which can genuinely help you find your Soulmate..

A dating app for posh crowd, rich sophisticated men and classy girls. To connect people who know high class dating and love to spend on luxurious environment, food and gifts.

LoveInLondon can turn your boring tube journey into a date & London’s Popular transport system into a buzzing dating hub.

World's first amazing app which lets you post and find dates on your flights and travel destinations across the world.

Live/work In london? Coming to London? A very useful and reliable collection of mobile bookmarks from TFL, collected into an App by, to help plan your travel inside London. Very friendly & simple interface. Also features "Tube Status", "Live Departure Boards", "Nearby Authorised Taxis" and "Take Me Home" option to take you home from wherever you are in London. Very useful for tourists and late night clubbing people who sometimes find it difficult to reach home from locations strange to them.

LondonTravelPlanner by PhoenixGMN

Lets convert the music crazy cities on our planet into 24X7 rock concert with a famous tune playing at the tick of every hour. You can share tone with friends and checkout tones shared by your friends.

This charming app will wake you up by playing an alarm tone when you are about to reach home on train/tube/bus so that you don't miss your stop and end up at the last stop of your route.

PIXnARTe is an outstanding & purpose built m-commerce platform for independent artists, picture framers, art galleries, photo gift shops looking to setup their own mobile store like on eBay or Shopify.

CrushOnTube can turn your boring tube journey into a date & London’s Popular transport system into a buzzing dating hub.

A dedicated App to connect all singles who work in the great City of London financial district area. Now find and connect with someone with hotshot career just like you.

Fit people are like a clan. Fit people like fit People. Fit people date Fit people. Meet fit people around your location for Gym Buddies, Gym Pairing,

365LoveBumps app, built with love to touch the heart of your sweetheart by gifting 365 love messages (1 message per day will be delivered) at the time of his or her choice. 

World's First Location Aware Asian Singles Dating App which lets Asian Singles Worldwide connect with each other for Friendship using features like who's near and user search. 

World's First App dedicated to connect Asian Professionals in UK who are from Indian continent origin. We literally have thousands of genuine profile to help you connect with your Mr/Ms perfect out there! 

Now you can read and share the motivation quotes followed by your personalized message with your near and dear ones anywhere; also share on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and Instagram.

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