How to preorder the iPhone X

How to preorder the iPhone X

Preorders for the iPhone X open at 3:01AM ET (12:01AM PT) tonight at Apple, phone carriers, and other retailers. Demand is going to be high, and supply is said to be pretty low — at least if you’re hoping to get the phone on its November 3rd release date or soon after. If you’re not willing to wake up in the middle of the night, get your preorder in, and go back to sleep, you might not be able to walk into a store and buy an iPhone X until sometime in 2018.

Choose which company you’ll be trying to order with, set your alarm for 10 or 15 minutes before it all starts, and give it your best shot. Tim Cook casually told BuzzFeed News “We’ll see what happens” regarding potential iPhone X shortages. Whatever does happen, just know that millions of people will likely be half awake and enduring this process with you. If shipping dates quickly fall back by weeks or months, there’s always the option of camping out in line for hours and hours at your nearest Apple Store on the eve of November 3rd.



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Preorder here or through the Apple Store iOS app starting at 3:01AM ET.

Apple almost certainly has more phones to go around than any of its carrier partners or resellers, so buying direct from the company is your best bet. In the past, the Apple Store app on iOS has sometimes gone live with preorders a few minutes before the web store, so if you’ve got an existing iPhone or iPad at the ready, this should be your plan.

To breeze through checkout, make sure you’ve set up Apple Pay with up-to-date payment info and the right credit/debit card. It’s also smart to save the iPhone X model you want (picking both color and storage capacity ahead of time) as a favorite item in the Apple Store app. You want to eliminate as many steps and taps as possible for when the time comes.

If you’ll be paying monthly with a carrier plan, use this tool from Apple to make sure your AT&T / Sprint / Verizon account is in good standing and eligible for an upgrade.

Apple supports most of the monthly payment plans from all the major US carriers except for T-Mobile, which should make it easier to swallow the iPhone X’s $999 starting price. You’ve also got the option of financing directly with Apple and joining the iPhone Upgrade Program. The company has been offering pre-approval to speed up that process.

64GB iPhone X $999.00 or $49.91 for 24 months (iPhone Upgrade Program) or preferred carrier financing
256GB iPhone X $1,149.00 or $56.16 for 24 months (iPhone Upgrade Program) or preferred carrier financing
Note: Apple doesn’t offer T-Mobile’s financing options when ordering online.

This chart from Apple lays out 64GB iPhone X pricing options for all major carriers except T-Mobile.


Preorder here or with the myAT&T app starting at 3:01AM ET.

AT&T says it has recently streamlined its online ordering process, so customers should only have to deal with “three screens” to place an iPhone X preorder. Note that it appears you’ll be paying a few more cents each month when ordering direct from AT&T versus Apple.

64GB iPhone X $999.99 or $33.34 for 30 months or $41.67 for 24 months
256GB iPhone X $1149.99 or $38.34 for 30 months or $47.92 for 24 months

Best Buy

Pick your carrier here and preorder starting at 3:01AM ET.

Best Buy is inexplicably charging a $100 premium if you purchase the iPhone X at full price. The 64GB model is $1,099 and 256GB is $1,249.99. Shame on you, Best Buy.

The monthly financing plans aren’t marked up in this way and reflect regular pricing, so you should choose one of those for your respective carrier if this is where you’re buying. Note that Best Buy doesn’t offer T-Mobile-specific devices or financing.

64GB iPhone X $1,099.99 or preferred carrier financing
256GB iPhone X $1,249.99 or preferred carrier financing
Note: Best Buy does not offer T-Mobile iPhones.


Preorder here starting at 3:00AM ET.

Sprint is apparently getting a 1-minute jump on everyone else (even Apple) if that preorder time of 3:00AM ET on the dot holds true. I’m doubtful, but hey.

64GB iPhone X $999.99 or lease for $0 down and 18 monthly payments of $41.67
256GB iPhone X $1149.99 or lease for $150 down and 18 monthly payments of $41.67 (Note: you won’t actually own the device at the end of Sprint’s leasing term, but have the option of paying the rest of what’s due or upgrading and starting a new lease.)

Save $350 with eligible trade-in (via bill credit).

Apple’s chart for 256GB iPhone X pricing.


Preorder here starting at 3:01AM ET.

The main thing to be aware of with T-Mobile is that you’re required to hand over a significant down payment at the time of preorder. Most other carriers are $0 down with an optional down payment to lower monthly costs, but nothing’s optional with T-Mobile.

64GB iPhone X $999.99 or $279.99 down payment and $30 for 24 months
256GB iPhone X $1149.99 or $429.99 down payment and $30 for 24 months

Up to $300 for eligible trade-ins.
Qualifying devices: Apple iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / iPhone 6S / 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ / Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 Edge / Note 5, LG G5 / G6 / V20, Google Pixel / Pixel XL, Motorola Z Droid / Z Play / Z2 Force / Z Force Droid / Z2 Play, BlackBerry KEYone, HTC U11

Source : theverge

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