Google Home and Amazon Alexa will soon let you talk to Pikachu

Google Home and Amazon Alexa will soon let you talk to Pikachu

Have you ever wanted to have a good long chat with a Pokémon in real life? If so you might want to consider picking up a Google Home device, as an app that lets you converse with the series’ iconic yellow mascot Pikachu is on the way.

The Pokémon Company has announced that the free app, which is succinctly titled Pikachu Talk, will launch in Japan this year. Poké-fans overseas will have to wait for a little longer though, as the app has only been given a vague 2018 release date so far.



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Also compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, Pikachu Talk has been designed for all ages. This is a smart idea considering the huge number of adult Pokémon fans whose nostalgia for the Nintendo video game series (not to mention the anime TV show and trading card game) has driven the incredible success of Pokémon Go.

Those familiar with Pokémon may be wondering how conversations with the electric rodent will play out. After all, Pokémon lingo is usually restricted to either indistinguishable grunts or shouting their own names.

Will every response be some variation on “Pika”? What will Google Assistant make of its new Pocket Monster friend?

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